Recognized by Malaysia Book Of Record

DELUX, being the FIRST in introducing trackless autogate system to the Malaysia market. Backed with decades of experience in the trackless development industry since 2009, DELUX is set to continue creating magical moments for its clientele.


DELUX has carved its name as a reputable trackless folding gate manufacturer. In the Year 2015, DELUX made a huge breakthrough by supporting trackless folding gate size that up to 30 feet and DELUX took another step further by extending the trackless folding gate system to support up to 36 feet in width in the year 2019. This achievement is not only appreciated by the market but DELUX also recognised by the Malaysia Book of Record ‘’ Longest Trackless Folding Autogate 2020’’


With the mission of bringing the best quality, security, fabulous gate design and supporting size, DELUX did not just stop at where they are. DELUX promise to keep improving people’s life without headache about the problem of the conventional folding gate with track and roller.
Stay safe with the advance trackless folding gate system by DELUX® UniGate


Stay safe with the advance trackless folding gate system

There is more to gates than just being a pretty face outside your house. It acts as a safety net and is the first defence to your home. It should keep your family protected, and there is nothing more secure than a DELUX® UniGate by DeLUX®.

DELUX® UniGate by DeLUX®, the first fully aluminium trackless folding gate system that is patented (MY-144605- A) and made in Malaysia. In 2009, DeLUX® unveiled DELUX® UniGate and it was acknowledged as one of the most innovative trackless folding gate system in the market and received good feedbacks from users and customers. The beauty and elegance of the DELUX® UniGate design collections suit to most of the home lifestyle and overall concept of the home. Also, its privacy and security features add more value to your home which makes DELUX® UniGate a worthy and smart investment for home owners.

Most conventional folding gates look perfect on the outside, but over the years, common problems emerge when tracks and rollers begin to sink, damaging beautiful and expensive floor tiles are scratched during track installation. The common problem of sinking tracks used in typical automatic gate systems affects the gate operations, giving owners more unnecessary headaches. With DELUX® UniGate trackless folding gate system, you’ll never have to face this problem again.







Basic trackless folding gate system

As a market develops, consumers become more experienced and discerning and look for more benefits from the products they choose. Thus, in year 2014 , DELUX® has once again created another best innovative basic trackless system to suit any customer’s needs and budgets – DELUX® Airgate.

The DELUX® Airgate opens and closes without having to follow a standard track built into the floor of your driveway. Gone are the days of hacking of floor tiles and welding works for the track installation as the whole system gives home owners a hassle-free installation as well as preventing damages to their houses. 

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