Testimonial by Hui Mei 萧慧敏 (Since 2020)
Hui Mei 萧慧敏 (Since 2020)
Thank you for DELUX introducing Trackless Folding Autogate with D-trinology system that provide 3 tier of protection to strengthen your home security.
Testimonial by Ms. Koo (Since 2018)
Ms. Koo (Since 2018)
Very satisfied, pround to be the 1st user of DELUX Aluminium trackless folding gate with LED lights.
Testimonial by Ms. Siti (Since 2018)
Ms. Siti (Since 2018)
We are so happy & satisfied with DELUX trackless folding gate. It's durable with modern design, and we no need to worry about gate maintenance now !
Testimonial by Ms. Noor (Since 2017)
Ms. Noor (Since 2017)
At first, we thought DELUX Unigate price is very expensive. But after we lool at the quality and design, it have a very stylish look so we think that is very good value for money. That's why we choose DELUX Unigate.
Testimonial by Mr. Lionel (Since 2017)
Mr. Lionel (Since 2017)
We are very satisfy with the product and services
that DELUX UniGate provided.
Testimonial by Mr. Chua (Since 2017)
Mr. Chua (Since 2017)
After install DELUX Unigate,
it very impressed my neighbour and friend.
DELUX Unigate features is very convenience
while it make me feel safe too
Testimonial by Mr. Andy Liew (Since 2017)
Mr. Andy Liew (Since 2017)
DELUX Unigate installers were very professional
while installation and also with very good attitude.
Testimonial by Mr. Amjed Khan (Since 2017)
Mr. Amjed Khan (Since 2017)
Very satisfy on DELUX UniGate.
I will highly recommend to my friend and relatives.
Testimonial by Sarala Devi (Since 2016)
Sarala Devi (Since 2016)
I feel very satisfied after installing UniGate. A very good quality product from Delux
Testimonial by Ms. Chow (Since 2015)
Ms. Chow (Since 2015)
Finally, I got my dream gate.
My Family and I are very satisfied.
Testimonial by Muhamad Hafiz & Family (Since 2013)
Muhamad Hafiz & Family (Since 2013)
Track easily rust after several years.
This is why I choose trackless folding gate - The UniGate!
Testimonial by Noor Laila (Since 2013)
Noor Laila (Since 2013)
My Unigate does not require maintenance, although many years it was used.
Testimonial by Mr. Lee (Since 2009)
Mr. Lee (Since 2009)
8 years customer.
Bought I Delux Folding gate & 2 UniGates.